Command C

Command C is a journal that spotlights the fine line between copying and remixing.

The journal features relevant works within the genres of writing, film, art, music etc. that walk the line highlighting the constant process of replication and evolving ideas. The journal ties together dialogue on copyrights, artisanship, and authenticity within the featured articles. 


Art Direction, Publication, Photography



Command C celebrates the fact that design and creation challenge authenticity and that remixing is a way of life.

Binding + Navigation 

The journal's unconventional binding allows for exploration on how to read the material. The bracket allows for individuals to easily rip off pages for reference - which ties into the copying theme of the journal. 

The table of contents is on the back of each page allowing the reader to see their process through the journal. The system's treatment throughout the journal creates an easy to navigate journal but also allows exploration for reader. 

The material can be read conventionally or can be read circularly, many of the pages line up to create large shared compositions. 

Corner navigation acts as an animated flip book. 

Quarterly, Command C encourages submissions to the publication through prompt challenges for the readers. The prompt showcases a base work of art from any genre; the reader is encouraged to submit their own remix for a chance to be featured in a future publication.




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