At Platforum, we aim to break the taboo surrounding politics by cultivation awareness, meaningful dialogue, and empowering teens aged 15-19 to act and advocate, making them more politically conscious citizens.


Our hope is to build communities of young people throughout the country, who are confident in their knowledge, empathetic toward others, and active as members of society.


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Kayla Watson

Breaking the taboo


politics for teens 

Plat -

Plat provides teens with a space to have an active, hands-on role in their civic development. By pairing teens in groups of mentors and other teens, the goal is to create a space for teens who want to act and/or advocate for causes.

- Forum

This physical location provides teens with the space to have healthy dialogue and discussions about unique and relevant topics that develop their political consciousness. The goal is to create small groups of teens with varying backgrounds to discuss a multitude of experiences and perspectives.

Up to date information in a Snap! 

We found that in the 2016 election, twice as many people aged 18 - 24 watched the Presidential debate on Snapchat than on TV. Snapchat Discover Stories offer a speedy, up-to-date way for teens to discover our service and become more politically active.

Front Burner is a web and social series that showcases hot and trending topics based on user interest.

Student Spotlight showcases what teens are doing in Plats. Interested and inspired teens can easily connect action projects with the organization and seek out Plat sessions more easily.

Our #HashItOut series is both a snapchat and web series that allows our staff to focus on student questions that they submit via Twitter.   

Research Question: 


Looking back at the recent election, we realized that many teens don’t have the foundation to create their own political ideals. Many teens were not and still are not educated in nor have a comfortable knowledge of politics. Because of this, many young voters vote on what they know. We identified one of the main problems: the taboo that surrounds politics. Many of our political problems are created because people don’t know how to talk about politics, or even worse, they don’t talk about the issues, and sweep it the under the rug. To do better and be better, we have to break the taboo around politics. The first step is education. The second, developing valuable discussion skills. And finally, knowing how to take productive action. Our organization hopes to provide teens with this.

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