Spec is a system for millennials throughout the country, that will focus on individualized, prompted, and curated personal memories. This act will lead to building perspective, empathy, and connections with others, ultimately culminating to increasing awareness of how they are involved in the worldwide human condition.


Art Direction, Photography, Brand, Copy, Advertising 




Capstone Graphic

Design Studio 

Nostalgia is a proven universal feeling. The use of memory as a tool to bring individuals together and to better oneself is not frequently seen.


In the divisive times we live in now, finding commonality, sparking conversation, and community is needed now more than ever. 


visual identity 


Photography is used to focus some universal themes for the audience in NYC, meant to draw the user back to a state of remembrance. These photos tend to be in a sepia-esk color scheme but include modern photography and themes while also playing on the dichotomy of old and new.


focused advertising 

Subway focused advertising. Backrests of subway seats and featured MetroCards would transform into an interactive and personal advertising campaign using heat-sensitive tech. 

“On a basic level, recalling these positive memories simply puts us in a more positive mood. On a more complex level, recalling these experiences makes us feel a stronger sense of social connectedness with others.”

- Dr. Filippo Cordaro, a researcher of nostalgia and consumer decision-making

app design 


The mobile app allows users to reflect -leaving individuals feeling connected to the larger community through innovative technologies such as machine learning, CUI, and video/photo analytics 

seeing - hearing - smelling - tasting - feeling - seeing - hearing - smelling - tasting - feeling - seeing - hearing - smelling -


using natural laguage

The app displays a simple white spec in the middle of the screen when there's nothing prompted to the user. The user can interact with the spec, its main and consistent function is a memory diary-like interaction the natural language used gets the individual comfortable with sharing their memories.


The conversation ends with a replay of a summary of keywords, elements, or tags. From here interaction with the CUI counts down in a style reminiscent of old move counters.


photo and video analytics

Some prompts then lead to the ability to look through photos that have the same qualities, are from the same location, etc. using photo and video analytics. The individual can access tags and writing that was posted by the “stranger.” The ability to flip through, read, and look at memories from others creates a dialogue and could lead to large communities having intertwined memories.


multisensory metadata

The metadata collected after these encounters are collected in the back of the app, so the user’s interaction and promptings in the app become more complex when a user interacts with it; for example if a user tags a certain song to a memory and later that month plays that song on Spotify, the app prompts the user that image that they tagged to it.

A recall notification can be sent to the user based on information like time of day, location, “this day (3) years ago,” weather, even wellbeing if a smartwatch or fitbit is connected. The notification prompting criteria is sorted to select what resonates the most at that time, this happens through machine learning and the prompting questions associated to the memory through prior tagging and writing prompts.





mirroring nostalgia 

An example is the prompt “how does this make you feel?” - if the user feels bad about a certain prompt, the data collection knows not prompt photos including something or that same quality of photo as often. SPEC believes that there is merit in prompting some images/videos that have more of a negative memory association sparingly to open individuals - the user can always opt to only be prompted with positive memories.

Surprising interactions are triggered after a user has gotten used to the interface. For example, if the main “home page” structure dot (the dot in the middle of the screen) fell and rolled to a corner, the user could tilt there phone to reveal more and more of an image. This is to keep the app spontaneous, reflecting the nature of memories revealing themselves surprisingly.

“As an emotion often experienced collectively, nostalgia can manifest as a sociocultural phenomenon triggered by commonly recognized objects... Sociologists commonly observe nostalgia following periods of disruptive social change, and recognize it as a mechanism that helps people maintain their identities and cope with discontinuities.”



Spectacles are events curated from the data collected on the app. Spec takes suggestions for events and looks for potential hosts/talent. Spec then enables them to create authentic "Spectacles" using data from the ties and tags entered on the app to create sensory events.

The event featured here is in partnership with a local chef who is taking common recipes that had been tagged to memories in that area, the chef is reinventing these recipes and is creating a dining experience to spark memories and create new ones for the community.

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