I participated as 1 out of 6 out of thousands of candidates for WGI* Edition 2, traveling and designing across the US for 4 months within multiple creative agencies.



Writing, Point of View



Worlds Greatest Internship 

Throughout the process of WGI I contributed my thoughts and lessons learned to the WGI blog. 

The act of reflecting on my growth, journey, creative process, and work culture has strengthened me as a designer.


You can read my reflections below:  

Excerpt from an interview with me in the WGI book (published book coming soon) 

How do you

view change?


I realized that change is very important as a designer. Just the sheer magnitude my life changed when I was asked to join WGI in 24 hours was disorienting. Taking risks and allowing yourself to take and embrace change has made me realize that without being open to these things you don't grow as rapidly as a designer. 


I have found myself recognizing things in my process and mindset that I want to change over time. Some changes are speedy and some will slowly happen once you make goals and recognize where you want to grow. It can get frustrating at some points to when you identify something you want to change in your process, approach, or communication and you feel like you aren't changing fast enough. I just have to keep reminding myself that there is time, change is a process, and give myself some grace. 

I think all of the changes also magnifies things that will always be a constant or things I hold dear as a designer. For example, I have wanted to try a bunch of different avenues in design I am still going to have a thirst for knowledge, I think the student perspective is one that will never change in me.

What is your creative process like? 


I think my creative process changes depending on what the project is. It is nice to be flexible in your process to get to the core of your design challenge. I like to start with tons of research, coming from a college that was very design-research focused, I enjoy getting down to the root of the design problem through various research methods. My favorite stage is ideation and strategic alignment! I love letting myself open up to discover a variety of ideas - no matter how wild or far fetched they are. I feel the more ideas you have, the more innovation can happen when you share with others. Through sharing a multitude of ideas in collaboration, ideas are combined and expanded upon and often create more fruitful and unique ideas. This stage of collaboration within a team is one of my most beloved stages in the creative process as well, using one another as a sounding board can only lead to a better end result when you are surrounded by a team of people who you value.

What would you

say is the role of

a creative today? 


I can't speak for the creative today as I feel like our roles are changing every day, sometimes every hour. There are so many types of “creatives” today that the sheer amount of things being created, thought up, and presented up is astonishing and can be overwhelming.

I think the biggest needs for creatives today is to be innovative and future thinking - we need creative minds to rally together for change and helping us combat the real-world challenges coming in the future. I think sometimes as designers we get caught up in making beautiful things, designing for designers,  or trying to get our name out there. While those things are important, I think we should also spend time thinking and designing for real-world problems when we can. 

Excerpt from an interview with me in the WGI book (published book coming soon) 

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